When you're considering family vacation spots, your mind is usually on one place where your family is going to stay like a hotel or a cabin. But what if your vacation destination offers a variety of places where you can stay with your kids? How do you choose between them?

Here are four of the most common lodging spots to consider during your next family vacation so you know your options and can plan ahead.

  1. Campgrounds. Spring is in full swing and summer is on the way, which makes now one of the best times to get outdoors. Camping is a great way to spend time together and to get your kids active in the great outdoors. Many kids love camping because nature sparks their curiosity and they get to learn new skills like pitching a tent, creating a campfire, and assembling s'mores.
  2. Cabins. Cabins make a great alternative for those who aren't too keen on pitching tents but still want the camping experience. With cabins, you get all the benefits of staying out in the great outdoors while still being able to retreat to the indoors at the end of the day. What's more, cabins have a calming and serene feeling to them that makes you feel at home.
  3. Bed and Breakfasts. Bed and Breakfasts are a cozy alternative to hotels that provide personalized attention, unique rooms, and homemade food. It's a lot like staying at a friend's house without feeling like you're putting anyone out.
  4. Hotels. Hotels are great for those who want to come back from a day of hiking, fishing, or shopping and feel like they're at the spa. You can relax and unwind, take a dip in the swimming pool, and enjoy the various dining options. Hotels also offer greater accessibility so you can find a room wherever you go.

Looking for family vacation spots this spring?

Up to 79% of domestic trips are taken for fun, which makes sense considering 37% of families say that vacationing is what makes them happiest. That means vacationing is statistically the most satisfying activity for families.

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4 Lodging Options For Your Next Family Vacation