Fishermen Everywhere

Rejoice: Why Fishing is Good

for your Health

Living in the fast-paced world that we live in can take its toll on your body and your mind. Stress and fatigue cause a host of problems both noticeable and not so noticeable. Relaxing and taking a break from your daily routines is important for everyone. An astonishing number of workers in America, 96%, admit that vacation time is vital, necessary and important. 

Whether you take a week off for a vacation or just enjoy some leisurely activities on your weekend off, your body and mind will feel better and more at ease. There are a number of activities you can participate in to help relax and have fun, but one of the more popular is fishing. Those who love to fish will be happy to know that fishing is actually good for your health. 

Read on to see how your daily fishing trip, weekend getaway with fishing plans or even your long-awaited vacation to the ocean with fishing plans can be beneficial to you.

Healthy Lungs and Heart
Those who enjoy fishing know the perfect spot at their fishing lake for catching fish. Typically this spot is not near the open where others tend to fish. It typically is nestled away from the public eye in an almost hidden area. Sometimes getting to this perfect spot involves hiking trails and a walk. This action is good for your heart and lungs. 

Your muscles also get a workout while traveling to your perfect fishing spot. Finding your perfect spot during a fishing trip while carrying your equipment gives your body an added workout, so you can feel good about taking some time out of your day to catch some fish.

Fishing is an excellent way to spend time outdoors. When outdoors your body soaks in the vitamins that the sun produces, vitamin D. This vitamin is important for your bones to keep them healthy. It also helps your body absorb necessary minerals and helps regulate calcium within your body. Even if you plan a family fishing trip on an overcast day, you can still feel confident knowing that your entire family is soaking up the vitamin D from the sun.

Less Technology
Everyone knows that television, games and our phones are a major part of our life and sometimes getting away from them can be hard. Planning a fishing trip could be just what you need to take your attention off of your phone and put it somewhere else. 

When you are fishing, your concentration is on your pole and watching it for any movement. Anything that takes your concentration off of this could be the difference between snagging that big catch or losing it. Reducing screen time is important for your eyes and your brain, and fishing could be just the thing to do that.

Keeping What you Catch
When you fish for keeps, chances are you plan on cooking what you catch. Fish are healthy to eat meaning you are providing your family with a healthy meal. Fish are very low in fat, meaning those that are watching their fat intake can enjoy this meal. They are high in protein and contain omega-3 fatty acids which are vital for the body including a healthy brain. Who knew such a relaxing activity could benefit the entire family.

Stress Relief
Fishing involves sitting next to a body of water. Normally this water is calm and still in order for you to fish. Studies show that the calming effect of sitting next to a still body of water is actually good for relieving stress in the body. Listening to the sounds surrounding you helps give a sense of nostalgia which also helps lower anxiety. Coupling this with unplugging from technology and you've got the perfect mixture for an amazing fishing trip with loads of benefits to leave you feeling better afterward than you did before.

Next time your family is considering family vacation spots make sure that there is a close place to spend some relaxing time for a fishing trip. The benefits of fishing are numerous. What are you waiting for, get out there and catch some fish.

If you are looking for a great adventure for either yourself or your family, consider Summersville, WV for your next fishing trip!