Is vacation important? 96% of Americans answer with a resounding, “Yes!” So if you have a vacation coming up, odds are you want to make the absolute most of it. For folks in the West Virginia area, there is no better place to spend some leisure time than Summersville, a beautiful getaway up in the mountains. The fishing Nicholas County WV is known for always draws a crowd.

However, fishing is not the only fun thing to do — next time you find yourself taking a break to go fishing in Summerville, make sure also to try these exciting activities.

Going for a hike
Fishing is famously tranquil and relaxing, making a family fishing trip the perfect way to unwind. After hours sitting on a boat or by the shore, though, the family might be ready to do something a bit more active. Like fishing, hiking is one of the most popular things to do in Summersville WV. With no shortage of trails and scenic overlooks, it is hard to get tired of hiking in Summersville — there is always something new!

If you are looking for an extra challenge and would like to do some climbing, Summersville has got you covered. There are a number of Nuttal Sandstone cliffs around ranging from 30 to 80 feet that you can climb to your heart’s content.

Do some shopping
No, we’re not talking about the boring shopping we always have to do — buying groceries, appliances, etc. We mean visiting some of the interesting Summerville shops that help give the town so much personality. Be sure to visit the various retail and antique stores in town to satisfy your shopping itch. In downtown Summersville you can find Hardman’s Hardware, an old-fashioned hardware store which is one of the few elite dealers of the famously high quality Stihl products.

Sure, Summersville has the best fishing Nicholas County WV has to offer. But with all these Summersville WV attractions available, there is no reason to stick just to fishing on your next trip. Make sure to try it all for the full experience!

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