Hiking is a popular and rewarding activity for anyone interested in the outdoors. In fact, hiking is the most popular pastime among campers; a recent report revealed that 92% of campers also hit the trails.

Local outdoor enthusiasts know the hiking trails Nicholas County WV boasts have a huge variety of terrains. Some mountain trails are steep and winding, while others are flatter, and still, others have a wild mix of slopes and obstacles.

Whether you're a new hiker or an experienced woodsy traveler, use the following tips for a successful hike no matter what terrain you encounter:

1. Set a Steady Pace

Rather than hiking hard at the beginning of a hike and slowing as you tire, try to choose a pace that you can maintain throughout the trip or the day. This strategy will help you cover more distance, build greater pacing skills, and will protect your stamina on a multi-day trip.

2. Don't Get Complacent

Even though you're traveling on a flatter trail, don't forget to look down and watch your step from time to time. You can still trip over roots, rocks, or your own feet on even terrain. An injury can ruin even a leisurely hike.

3. Mix Things Up

Mixing up the length of your strides can help prevent
any one muscle from becoming overstrained. Even though finding a rhythm for breathing and stepping is a good strategy for long distances, occasionally walking on the balls or the heels of your feet and varying your step pattern can help protect your joints and muscles. 

1. Take Regular Breaks

Hiking uphill is very tiring, so remember to rest when necessary. Take short, regular breaks and set a slow pace-- speed bursts with longer breaks will cause your heart rate to
rise and fall, cause you to expend more energy, and will limit how far you actually travel.

2. Try Zigzagging

If a slope is exhaustingly steep, you can try passing back and forth to ascend more gradually rather than hiking straight upwards. 

1. Don't Lean

Downhill hiking creates greater risk for losing balance and taking a tumble. Stay steady by keeping your weight directly over your legs, and don't lean forward or backward.

2. Protect Your Joints

Avoid the temptation to lock your knees while descending-- a trip or slip can snap ligaments. Keep muscles loose and bent to avoid injury. For greater balance, try using a walking pole or stick for extra steadiness. 

The hiking trails Nicholas County WV offers throughout the area include a variety of different terrains. Whether you're looking for a camping trip, a hike towards water for some family fishing, or even a biking trail, use this list to get started:

Long Point Trail

Battle Run Trail

.   Pierson Hollow Trail

Paterson Trail

Cranberry Back Trail

Old Ferry Trail

Muddlety Trail

. Salmon Run Trail

Stay safe on the path using these all-terrain tips. Happy trails!

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