A recent study on the activities that make families happy found that 37% of the Americans are happy about vacations. Most people, therefore, are very happy when they go on vacations in different parts of the country or other parts of the world. As you plan for the next vacation and where to visit, consider West Virginia.

West Virginia is filled with some of the most beautiful and rugged sceneries that the east coast has to offer. A family camping trip on the east coast can bond a family together while creating lasting memories. If you are interested in family fishing expeditions and hiking trails, family vacation spots Virginia should be on top of your list. This article highlights some of the family vacation spots Virginia that you can try.

1. Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry is made famous by the fact that it is a historical park that happens to be in an area where Potomac and The Shenandoah Rivers meet. It has museums and exhibits that detail the historical events that occurred in the area. Besides the historical exhibits, there are 20 miles of hiking trails that you can enjoy with your loved ones. If you're a rock climbing enthusiast, this is the place to visit.

2. Black Water Falls State Park

Backwater Falls is named after the dark waters of the Black River, which are usually colored by tannic acid from a hemlock rock. The river drops 60 feet over sandstone ledges before continuing through an eight-mile journey. There are custom viewing platforms that allow people to view the fall year-round. There are other falls that you can view while in this park such as Pendleton Falls and Elakala Falls. The park has multiple areas for family fishing and camping.

3. West Virginia Penitentiary

If you are looking for family vacation spots Virginia with some history, West Virginia Penitentiary should be on top of your list. This is one of the oldest prisons in the country and used to hold one thousand prisoners at a time. It is one of the Gothic fortress prisons that is highly characterized by its history of fires, prison riots, escapes, and about 100 executions.

4. New River George Bridge

This is one of the most significant architectural landmarks that presents one of the most beautiful family vacation spots Virginia. It was completed in 1977 and cost more than 37 million dollars. It is one of the highest bridges around the country. Visitors are fastened to a safety cable to ensure their safety as they enjoy their hiking trip in this bridge.

5. Summersville Lake

Summersville Lake, WV is one of the most beautiful areas that you can visit with your family. It is the best place for kayaking, canoeing, fishing lake, and breathtaking nature experience. It has some of the most beautiful and well-maintained campsites that you will get on the eastern coast, which explains why you should try it this summer.

6. Snowshoe Mountain

This is the highest point in West Virginia and the largest ski area that you can get in this region. It has hundreds of tourist activities to try and a wide range of accommodations to consider. There are a lot of restaurants and lodging in nearby areas. Some of the most common and attractive activities in this region include but not limited to snowboarding, snowshoe tours, snowmobiling, and mini golf among others.

7. Seneca Rocks

This is one of the most scenic areas on the eastern coast and has been attracting thousands of people all year-round. Rock climbing and family hiking activities are some of the attractions in this area. Here, you will find some of the highest rocks, some of which range between 1000 feet and 4863 above sea level. You will rarely see that kind of elevation elsewhere in the United States. Seneca Rocks offers beautiful views and wildlife sceneries that are difficult to come by. Visiting this place during the summer offers full insight as to why it is one of the best places to visit in the country.

Top 7 Attractions in West Virginia