What Makes Summersville Lake the Best

Lake In WV?


Roughly 37% of families say that vacations make them happy, making it the
activity that makes most families happy. If you are planning on taking a
vacation this summer with your family, make it to Summersville Lake, West
Virginia. It's one of the most gorgeous family vacation spots Virginia has to
offer, and it is unlike any other lake in the whole state.

Scuba Diving
Referred to as "Little Bahamas", Summersville Lake WV is the only lake in
the entire state where you can scuba dive. Skin Diver Magazine named
Summersville Lake the cleanest, clearest freshwater lake east of the
Mississippi; you can see 20 to 45 feet ahead of you in the water. There is a
thriving aquatic community that makes scuba diving great for a novice or an experienced scuba diva. The underwater formations are sculpted from sheer sandstone, so they are breathtaking. 

Summersville Lake WV is the largest lake in the state. There are more than 28,000 acres of water with a 60 mile-long shoreline. It is also the deepest lake in West Virginia, with depths up to 327 feet. This means there is plenty of space for your whole family to have fun and make memories. Whether you are there for family fishing or swimming in the relatively warm waters, Summersville Lake is big enough for you. 

The Rich History
When you travel to Summersville Lake for your family camping trip, you will get to experience the rich history of its formation. It's a relatively young lake, just formed in 1966. Just six years earlier in 1960, construction of the Summersville Dam began to control flooding in the area. The dam allowed for the buildup of water that is now known as Summersville Lake. It did not take long after former President Lyndon B. Johnson cut the opening ribbon for boaters and swimmers to start flocking to the area. 

If you're taking a vacation with your family this year, consider traveling to Summersville Lake WV. You can scuba dive, enjoy its large size, and experience its rich history, all while making memories with your family during your summer vacation.